Tuesday, February 19, 2013

G - Green Gazpacho

A photograph of a green Gazpacho
Ice cold Gazpacho

“An unusual all-green version of the popular Spanish soup, which uses coriander to add a citrusy zing. Gazpacho is at its most refreshing and best when it is thick and creamy and cold, cold, cold.”

– Greg and Lucy Malouf, Moorish

More photographs inside.
The ingredients that went into a green Gazpacho
The Ingredients

This was another dish that I’d had my eye on since the beginning of the Project. I love a good soup and while I might be badged as a bit old-fashioned for saying this, I stubbornly maintain that there are few entrees as satisfying as a well-made soup. This was perfect as an entrée for lunch on a hot and sunny Sydney afternoon.

The ingredients that went into a green Gazpacho
A study in Green

The gorgeous green colour of this soup comes from green capsicum, lettuce, coriander, spring onion and green (that is to say, unripe) tomatoes. It was this last ingredient that I was quite worried about finding – I mean, how often does one see unripe tomatoes in a supermarket? Some good cooking fairy must have been watching over me during my grocery shopping expedition though, as there were three lovely green tomatoes perched on top of a mound of plump red ones – how lucky!

a photograph of Oak leaf lettuce
Oak Leaf Lettuce

There’s not much to making it – everything goes into the food processor and gets a good blitz.

The soup was a great success – fresh, zesty and icily refreshing. The creamy texture came from some lovely soft white bread. It was quite tangy thanks to the tomato, lemon and sherry vinegar, but this was balanced by a nice kick from the cayenne pepper and nuggets of sweetness in the form of pomegranate seeds. While these jewel-like seeds made a lovely garnish along with the diced cucumber and baby coriander leaves, I was glad I had added a generous number of them to each serving as their sweetness played against the sharpness of the other ingredients perfectly.
A photograph of a green Gazpacho
A refreshing summer entree

Technical Details

Lighting setup - Green Gazpacho

This was another two light setup which I worked out during a project 52 which I completed a couple of years ago (photograph from the earlier lighting project is available HERE). To be honest, I prefer the original photograph to the one on this post.

The light from below the subject was from a Canon 580 EX II fired at 1/128th and zoomed to 70mm to light the ice.

The rest of the image was lit by a Canon 430 EX II fired at 1/4th into the ceiling.

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