Sunday, November 6, 2011

50/52 - The Pianist's Hands

A Photograph of a Pianist's hands
The Pianist's Hands

This is the 50th entry for my project. I've got two weeks to go and I'm looking forward to doing something different. Possibly another project 52 focusing on macro photography. 

I used a basic two light setup for this shot. One for the base exposure and a second strobe was used as a key light.

Lighting setup shots inside.

Lighting setup for the the shot above
 Lighting setup - The Pianist's Hands

A Canon 580 EX II was used as the main light for the photograph above. It  was fired at 1/8th into  a reflective umbrella which was positioned above the piano. I also used a CTO gel on the flash to warm up the light a bit.

The key light was a Canon 430 EX II fired at 1/32 through a homemade snoot, directly at the pianist's hands. This flash was also fired through a 1/2 CTB gel to cool down the colour of the highlight.

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