Sunday, October 30, 2011

49/52 - They're Alive!

photograph of Wall-e surrounded by red eyes
They're Alive!

I have used a number of lighting mods (mostly home made) throughout this project but realised that I hadn't used any gobos to date. So for this weeks shot I used 2! A gobo (derived from "go between" or goes before optics) is something that can be used to block light and control what is lit.

Lighting setup inside.

lighting setup for the shot above
 Lighting Setup - They're Alive

The main light for this shot was a Canon 580 EX II fired at 1/128 and zoomed to 105mm from camera right. I also used two picture frames as gobos to ensure the light only hit wall-e and didn't spill onto the marbles. I used a third picture frame, which was white in colour, to bounce the light form the 580 EX II on the other side of Wall-e.

The second light was a Canon 430 EX II fired from high camera right. This strobe was fired at 1/32 and zoomed to 105mm. The red gel on this strobe created the "eyes" on the marbles.

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