Sunday, September 11, 2011

42/52 - Ignition

A photograph of a match-stick as it catches fire

I've never tried to photograph smoke before so I thought I'd experiment a bit. I wanted the photograph to be a bit more than just smoke and ended up with this. The hardest part of taking this photograph was obviously the timing. Thankfully I invested in a remote trigger sometime ago and it came in pretty handy!

Lighting setup shot and details inside.
Lighting setup for ignition
Lighting setup - Ignition

Sorry this photograph is a bit dark. Most of the space is taken up with a black foam-core board which I used for the background.

The only flash used for this shot was a Canon 580 EX II fired at 1/64th and zoomed to 80mm.

I used a piece of white paper to bounce light onto the tea-light.

The light at the back of the shot is the TV. I was watching Australia play Italy in the rugby world cup.
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Wilma said...

That turned out great! I like how the smoke has such a definite edge.


Anna said...

In deed good experiment.
Thank you for sharing Dev.
Anna :)