Sunday, August 7, 2011

37/52 - Jeans for Genes

A photograph of a pair of Jeans
Jeans for Genes

The 5th of August was Jeans for Genes day in Australia. Jeans for Genes is a charity event aimed at raising funds for the Children's Medical Research Institute and is held on the first Friday of August. People are encouraged to wear Jeans on the day and donate generously. 

Lighting setup inside.

Lighting setup for the photograph of Jeans above
Lighting Setup - Jeans for Genes

This was a single light setup. I used a canon 430 EX II fired form the top right of the image at 1/16th. I opted to use a shoot through umbrella to create even light across the jeans. The light was positioned at a relatively low angle so that the folds on the jeans would create shadows and add a bit of depth to the image.
I'd like to find out what you guys think of the end result. If you do have a minute to spare let me know via the comments.
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