Tuesday, May 24, 2011

30/52 - Pomegranate


Its Pomegranate season so I thought I'd use one for this weeks shot. I'm not too sure about the composition for this one and would like to get your feedback on it. I thought of including a few of the seed casings in the fore ground to add another layer of interest to the composition and the Pomegranate itself to the top right hand corner to fill up the empty space.

Lighting setup inside.

Lighting setup - Pomegranate

This was a one light setup. A conon 430 EX II was fired into a reflective umbrella from behind the subject on camera right (about two o'clock). The flash was fired at 1/4th power. A white foam-core board was placed just out of the frame on camera left to bounce the light back onto the fruit.
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