Tuesday, May 17, 2011

29/52 - Spaghetti from Above

Spaghetti from Above
Spaghetti from Above

This weeks entry for the project is quite literally, Spaghetti from above. I saw a similar photograph on flickr sometime ago and really liked the way the Spaghetti seemed to be shooting out at you from the black center. It sort of looked like a long exposure shot of fireworks to be honest.

Lighting setup shots and details after the jump.

Lighting Setup - Spaghetti from Above
Lighting Setup - Spaghetti from Above

Although two flashes are visible in the setup shot only one is actually lighting the subject. I used the second lash to trigger the first one. I was using the flash control system on the 7D which relies on the on camera flash to trigger the external flashes. I could have use my Cactus triggers and a single flash but why simplify something that can be complicated?
The light for this image was from a Canon 430 EX II fired at 1/2 power into a reflective umbrella from above the subject on the right of camera. The Canon 580 EX II was used to trigger the 430 EX II. I couldn't trigger the 430 EX II as the flash from the 7D was pointing down at the subject and would not be "seen" by the 430 EX II above.
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kanaya said...

This is Awesome Aiya

kumi said...

Not sure if my comment went through OK so will repeat.

Lovely shot Dev. Also reminded me of a sea creature like anemone or something.