Tuesday, March 22, 2011

21/52 - A Bottle of Red

A Bottle of Red
A Bottle of Red 

Here's this week's entry for my Project 52. I decided to use a bottle of Shiraz and light it using a straightforward two light setup. I wanted the image to have an overall warm feel to it and I also wanted to bring out the texture of the label on the bottle.

Lighting info and setup shots after the jump.

Setup - A bottle of Red

I used the Canon 580 EX II as the base light for this shot. I fired it at 1/4th power through a CTO gel at the ceiling. The CTO gel was used to warm up the light a little. The strobe was zoomed at 24mm.

The Canon 480 EX II was used as the key light. I fired it, aimed at the bottle, at 1/64th and zoomed to 105mm to light the top edge of the bottle. It is this key light that brings out the texture of the label.

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