Tuesday, March 22, 2011

21/52 - A Bottle of Red

A Bottle of Red
A Bottle of Red 

Here's this week's entry for my Project 52. I decided to use a bottle of Shiraz and light it using a straightforward two light setup. I wanted the image to have an overall warm feel to it and I also wanted to bring out the texture of the label on the bottle.

Lighting info and setup shots after the jump.

Setup - A bottle of Red

I used the Canon 580 EX II as the base light for this shot. I fired it at 1/4th power through a CTO gel at the ceiling. The CTO gel was used to warm up the light a little. The strobe was zoomed at 24mm.

The Canon 480 EX II was used as the key light. I fired it, aimed at the bottle, at 1/64th and zoomed to 105mm to light the top edge of the bottle. It is this key light that brings out the texture of the label.

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Sean said...

Nice... and that goes for the pic and the choice of wine!

Dev Wijewardane said...

haha thanks Sean.

kumi said...

Great pic Dev. Really liked the lighting.(although I'm no expert!)

Dev Wijewardane said...