Tuesday, January 18, 2011

12/52 - Techy

Techy - A Keyboard from an iMac
Techy - A Keyboard from an iMac

I found it pretty hard to come up with an idea for this weeks shot........ big surprise! I don't know how photographers doing project 365s get ideas for photographs everyday.

Since I've been using warm light for most of the photographs I've taken for this project so far, I decided to mix things up a bit and go for some cooler coloured lighting for this shot. I thought of using a CTB gel to light this keyboard and give it a "techy" sort of feel. What do you think?

Lighting info and setup shots after the jump.

Techy - Lighting setup
Techy - Lighting setup

This was a basic two light setup. I turned the white balance on the camera to tungsten to enhance the blue light.

A Canon 430 EX II was placed on the left of camera behind the subject. It was fired at 1/64th through a CTB gel to define the edges of the keyboards and the keys.

A Canon 580 EX II was fired at 1/128th through a CTO gel from high camera right. The 580EX was zoomed to 105mm and aimed at the keyboard. The CTO gel was used to compensate for the tungsten white balance on the camera.
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Tim said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for the info!