Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11/52 - Goodnite

Goodnite - Melody Gardot
Goodnite - Melody Gardot  

I wanted to take a photograph of an iPod for this weeks entry in my project 52 but wasn't sure how I was going to compose it or light it. It clicked when I was flipping through a jazz playlist on the iPod and came across Goodnite by Melody Gardot. I decided to go for a fairly dark image with the iPod on one side and bokeh in warm colours filling up the other.  I'm quite happy with the image but in hindsight there are a few improvements I could have made.

Read on for lighting info and setup shots.

Goodnite - Setup shot
Goodnite - Setup shot

To lighting this image I used a pretty straight forward two light setup.

I used a canon 580 EX II fired at 1/128th and zoomed to 105mm from camera top right to light up the table. The flash is aimed at the table around a foot or so in front of the iPod.

A snooted Canon 480 EX II was fired at 1/64 through a CTO gel and aimed straight at the iPod.

The bokeh was created using tea lights and warm coloured tea light holders.

I should have used a 1/4 CTO gel or no CTO gel on the snooted flash. The gel really warmed up the light and made the black iPod look almost brown..... at least I'll know for next time!
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