Saturday, December 18, 2010

7/52 - Christmas Candle

A Christmas Candle
A Christmas Candle 

This is a quick shot of a candle that my wife has decorated with Holly and placed on our dining table for Christmas. I was out of ideas and had to come up with an image for today and this is the result.

Read on for lighting info and setup shots.

Lighting Setup - Christmas Candle
Lighting Setup - Christmas Candle

This was a straightforward two flash setup. The first flash was zoomed to 70mm and fired at 1/64 through a 1/2 CTO gel into a white foam-core board. the light bounced off the board to light up the candle and the foreground.

The second flash was zoomed to 105mm and fired at 1/64 through a 1/2 CTO gel to light up the Baubles which I used to create Bokeh.

I used a glass below the candle to create a reflection.

Sorry if there isn;t a lot of detail in this post. It's late and I'm off to bed. Will try and make the next one a bit longer!
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Anna said...

Dev happy holiday season. Let it be filled with good health, happiness, love and peace. Anna :)

Me-shak said...

Lovely, I love the shade of red you have brought out :)


RedWillow said...