Thursday, December 9, 2010

6/52 - Bauble

A Bauble for the Christmas tree
A Bauble for the Christmas tree

It seems to be getting harder to come up with ideas for this project.... and I am only 6 weeks in! If any of you have any suggestions as to where to look for inspiration, please let me know via the comments.

The Christmas decorations have now gone up at home. This is one of the Baubles from the Christmas tree.

For those of you who are interested in lighting information and setup shots, please read on.

Lighting setup for the
Lighting setup for the "Baubles" image

This was a pretty straightforward shot in terms of lighting. A single Canon 430 EX II was used to light the whole image. It was fired at 1/64 and 70mm. A 1/2 CTO gel was used to warm the light up a bit. I fired the flash from camera left, just behind the subject. The light coming in from behind helped define the Bauble. The light was then reflected off two foam-core boards placed on the right and front-left of the subject. The camera was positioned between the two foam-core boards. If you look closely at the image, the two boards are visible.

I placed a piece of glass under the baubles to create a reflection.

The bokeh was created using a small pile of Baubles and a wreath (which I used for bokeh in this shot).
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