Thursday, November 25, 2010

4/52 - Asics

A pair of Asics

To be honest, I found it a bit hard to come up with an idea for this weeks shot.... and I'm only in week 4! God knows how the guys who are doing 365s manage.... The process of actually taking a photograph isn't hard but coming up with a half decent idea isn't as easy as it seems. I had just come back home after a game of Tennis and figured my shoes were as good a subject as any. I decided to go for warm colours with the lighting. Maybe I'll try cooler colours next week.

Setup shot and lighting info inside.

Lighting setup shot for the Asics image
Lighting setup shot for the Asics image above

The lighting was pretty straight forward for this one. I used a collapsed reflective umbrella again (without a flash in the setup shot) and placed it slightly behind the shoes on the left of the camera. The flash zoomed at 24mm and was fired at 1/8th into the umbrella. I used a full CTO Gel on the flash to warm up the foreground.

A white cardboard box was placed just out of frame on camera right and used to bounce the light from the umbrella and fill the shadow areas on the right hand side of the shoes.

A snooted flash was fired at 1/16th at the chair to light up the background. I used the chair to add a bit of interest to the background of the image as I felt the white wall was a bit boring. The spaces on the back of the chair created some light patterns on the wall which worked pretty well. A light Red gel was used on this flash.
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Mihnea said...

Like the idea with the chair in the background, it really helps the picture. Very interesting idea. Keep up the good work.


Dev Wijewardane said...

Thanks Mihnea. I did think the shot looked a bit boring without something in the background.