Monday, August 2, 2010

Kiwi Fruit

Back lit Kiwi Fruit
Back lit Kiwi Fruit

I was playing around with the flash over the weekend when I composed this image. I wanted to capture an image of backlit slices of Kiwi fruit on a black background to highlight the "furry" exterior of the fruit while capturing its green insides. Read on for lighting information.

I placed the slices of Kiwi fruit on a piece of glass which was suspended across two chairs. I lit it with a Canon 430EX shot at 1/64 from under the piece of glass (not directly under, it was just out of the bottom of the frame in the shot above). The differences in the shade of green on the slices was caused by the thickness of the slices themselves.

I could have shot the flash through a sheet of white A4 paper to make the light source appear larger and create a white background but I wanted to go for the black background and back light the fuzzy exterior of the fruit.

I'm not sure about this image to be honest. what do you guys think?

It was shot with a canon 24-105mm lens mounted on a Canon 7D. No Tripod was used.
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SACHIRA said...

Why don't you try another shot with a smoother flash and uniformly thick kiwi slices. May be you can make the slices even thinner to illuminate them further. Good effort, keep it up.

Joanna Durczok said...

Great shot:) I like it as it is.