Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Coat Hanger

The Sydney Harbour Bridge (also known as the coat hanger), Australia
The Sydney Harbour Bridge (also known as the coat hanger), Australia

I went to the Opera House on Sunday evening hoping to capture a completely different image but came away with this one instead. No complaints. For those of you who are not familiar with Sydney, Sydney-siders often refer to the Harbour Bridge as the "coat hanger", for obvious reasons. It's not too easy to take photographs around the Opera House as it is always full of people and inevitably someone walks into your frame. The area around the Opera House doesn't quieten down till the early hours of the morning as there are a number of bars and restaurants in the area. The marquees in the foreground of this image are actually from the Opera Bar. Read on for more info on how the shot was taken.

The final image was actually created by stitching together 6 separate images. I used the tripod and the same aperture, shutter speed and ISO (I shot this on manual mode) for all the shots. When capturing these images I made sure that I had at least a 20% overlap.  This makes the stitching process a whole lot easier as there are more control points available.

I am not too happy with the top of the marquee which can be seen on the bottom right hand corner. There was a lamp just above it ,which lit up that section of the image a bit too much for my liking. However, I do like the light reflected in the water and the different shades of blue in the sky, created by the setting sun. These images were captured at around six in the evening just as the sun dipped below the horizon.

I used the Canon 7D and the 24 - 105mm lens.
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