Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black-hooded Oriole

The Black-hooded Oriole is a common, widespread garden and forest bird. It is a resident breeder in southern Asia ranging from India and Sri Lanka, east to Indonesia. Read on for more images and info.

The female Black-hooded Oriole is more drab with greenish underparts. However, it still has the characteristic black hood. Immature birds are similar to the female but have dark streaking on the underparts and their hood is not completely black, specially on the throat. The black head of this species is an obvious distinction from the Golden Oriole. 

The bird nests in trees and clutches comprise of two eggs. They are not the easiest birds to see as they spend most of their time in the canopy feeding on insects and fruits.

These images were taken in our garden in Colombo and in Anuradhapura. I used the Canon 7D with the 100-400mm lens for all these shots.  The bird was nice enough to perch on a branch which gave me an unobstructed view. Fortunately I was upstairs and was able to shoot from a similar height to the perch. This enabled me to capture these images from a slightly different point of view. The fact that the bird was only about 20 meters away from me also helped. I wasn't as fortunate in Anuradhapura and had to shoot from the ground below the bird.

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